Contrary to what the bearded, hipster-turned-brewer down at your local microbrewery might tell you, the most difficult beer to brew isn’t a robust stout or a hoppy IPA.  With only 5 natural ingredients, an excruciatingly long brewing timeline, and a flavor profile so delicate that the slightest imperfection can spell disaster — the American Lager takes the crown as the world’s most difficult beer to brew.  This little-known truth is evident in the fact that most microbreweries don't even attempt to make American Lagers for being too complex. 

In Kings of Beer, a diverse group of elite Brewmasters from 65 breweries and 23 countries, battle it out in an intense competition to brew the world’s most iconic American Lager — Budweiser. The Brewmaster who can brew the best, most consistent Budweiser over a 12-month period will bring home the Global Brewmaster Cup.

Judged by an illustrious group of experts who are sequestered deep within the historic walls of the most renowned room in the brewing world — “Room 220” —  most of these “key tasters” have decades of tasting experience, which has trained their palates to pick up the most minute of flavor flaws. 
It is this room that is responsible for ensuring the standard of over one-quarter of the world's beer, with Budweiser the gold standard of consistency by which all the other beers are judged. 

In a competition usually decided by no more than a hundredth of a point — even the slightest misstep can cost a Brewmaster the Cup. Despite the hardship and uncertainty, one thing is clear: Kings aren’t born, they’re brewed.